[OPINION] Hong Jin-Young Solamente Show & Kim Jong Kook

[OPINION] Hong Jin-Young Solamente Show & Kim Jong Kook

On January 12, Trot singer Hong Jin-Young held her first solo concert in Los Angeles, California. Highlights were Hong Sun Young’s surprise performance, wardrobe malfunction and other exciting segments.

Korea’s Trot fairy Hong Jin-Young, kept the lady 1st alone show in LA (technically Temecula and that is a couple of hours at a distance) commemorating the woman tenth yr since debuting in 2009.

Hong Jin juvenile performed every one the girl hit songs you start with Love power to set the feeling followed by each of this model single men and women like Cheer Up, the like, flash increase, good-bye etc. The show guests consisted of a lot of age ranges from kiddies within the older enthusiasts. It actually was a boisterous earth with a lot of pleasure. The arena had a seating power of 3260 places, that has been brimming for the maximum. The light stays through the target audience was mesmerizingly stunning as soon as the ceiling lighting dimmed.

Shot of 2nd floor guests:

Approval to take photos and films had been given!

In general in relation to using photographs or videos during the gigs, it isn’t let.

Yet Hong Jin-Young’s instance, the jog fairy gave the lady explicit permission inside the beginning with the live concert. The lady solution to transmit this lady permission would be amusing, “If you all came in, do you see the mark about not taking photographs or video?” (reading all of this the excited lovers have got drooped arms and are usually little by little storing up her phones.) She keeps by declaring, in my situation you could potentially grab the same amount of picture and films as you would like. (folks are in disbelief and amazed, myself consisted of.) Hong Jin-Young says “in reality, I see much better in movies, for some reason we don’t check so excellent in photographs,” with “during the live concert have a glance at this web-site I will punch a present and remain still, you can get pics after that so that the picture arrives good.” Hence, I could to take pics and videos to simple heart’s information to fairly share with everybody!

Parts associated with the Concert

Hong Jin offspring earnestly interacted with people through the entire performance.

Hong Jin offspring had sudden postures during this lady show present the listeners a chance to grab the lady photograph. It actually was humorous on occasion whenever vocalist would-be dancing then flippantly remain however for several minutes right at the left or right side of this point to provide lovers an opportunity to record a good quality shot. The girl intention to activate aided by the crowd was actually therefore stronger concise their safety facts possibly exasperated within artist’s resolve.

Hong Jin youth visits 2nd floor audience:

Hong Jin juvenile revealed them goal wander towards readers for a chance to welcome them since exactly the supporters sitting in front side can see the. The joy from that statement came down to incredible. If the musician began walking out while vocal singing a tune, many enthusiasts obstructed the girl road (safety would be active trying to keep on perspective on all now) to take a selfie with each other or even to shake their hand etc. beneficial stage would be these people comprise of varied centuries between 20s-70s. Grandfather data had been thus energized viewing a common performer close up they ignored about their spouses and grandchildren witnessing all of them end up as excited fan kids. One of many enjoyable opinions on this from some individuals around me got “The journey back home shall be full of competitions for neglecting his or her public dignity.” Looking at Korean public norms bring an important role in Korean-American world, truly understandable that for a few it can look socially disturbing observe important rates becoming enthusiastic fan males facing their particular beloved vocalist.

It’s probably much like this field from Descendants belonging to the sunlight when the officers through the military end up as enthusiastic follower males while in front of Red Velvet inside performance.

Hong Jin juvenile must generate several tries to achieve the readers into the second floor because of many enthusiastic enthusiasts preventing them road at every level. By the time she done the lady walk-around the venue to revisit the period, Hong Jin juvenile determine the girl footwear got fallen apart and must need an easy crack to evolve them. She stated it was her first time seeing this happen although she has performed on the stage so many times, commenting on how memorable it is for her.

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